Posts from: oktober 2016

Road to the IPO Dublin – Departure

I’m writing this on the airplane while we are waiting to leave for Dublin and part of it in the sky. It’s only the second time in my life I’m flying so I’m a bit nervous… First time with Ryanair as well and can’t really complain, okay you don’t have much space but personally I…

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Road to the IPO : Detour and Bumps

This series didn’t go as planned, There were a few bumps in the road because i have been sick for 2 weeks and went on a little detour to Spiel in Essen, Germany. But i’m back with a short update ! The objective was to play more tournaments online and challenge myself to get back…

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Road to the IPO Dublin

I’m gonna start with the obvious, this blog will be in English because of the many english people who probably are going to follow this series. The second (less obvious thing) is that this blog is going to cover my road to the IPO Dublin and how the event itself goes. Bare with me for…

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