Road to the IPO Dublin

I’m gonna start with the obvious, this blog will be in English because of the many english people who probably are going to follow this series. The second (less obvious thing) is that this blog is going to cover my road to the IPO Dublin and how the event itself goes. Bare with me for any language mistakes and incorrect spelling, this is a first for me ūüėõ

Most people know this but I’m one of the members of APAT Belgium, together with Tom Slikboer we organize small buyin tournaments with the look and feel of a big buyin event. We do live reporting, live stream, our events take place in the biggest and most beautiful casino’s in Belgium and are fully dealt by professional dealers. The ‘Belgian Amateur Poker Tour’ stops are very popular in Belgium with over 500 players in our Main Events and over 1000 players over the entire weekend.

Beside those events we also do qualifiers to these events or other big events. We’ve sent players to London for the WCOAP, players to the WPT in Brussels and last year we’ve send players to the IPO Dublin as well. Because of the big popularity of the IPO Dublin here in Belgium , we’ve decided to do qualifiers this year as well. Our live qualifiers are already finished and if I remembered it correctly we sent about 20¬†players to the IPO already through those events. Our online qualifiers are in full swing and if you want you can still qualify through these online events, if you want some more info take a look at the apat website¬†and maybe you can join me on the Road to Dublin.

I’ve been a poker player for many years, but I still haven’t played any big events.. I know that for some of you 300 euros isn’t much but ¬†for me it is and i’m very excited! I have some international experience because I went to play the WCOAP in London last year but that’s the only foreign tournament i’ve ever played. Im curious how i’m going to do in a field with players that i think are much better than me. I know that doesn’t sound too confident but don’t mistake realism for weakness¬†because I do have some skills and can be very dangerous. ¬†I have some very good results¬†last year in November by winning 3 side events in the same weekend in the BAPT in Spa.

I didn’t play much poker after november because I became a full time member of APAT Belgium. I’m organizing the events now instead of playing them. This blog is to challenge me to play a bit more and be fully prepared to play the IPO Dublin. I’m going to play some tournaments online to get the feeling of tournaments again and going to play some local events in several clubs in Belgium to get that live feeling back. Online and live are different in my opinion so I want to get some experience in both before I go to the IPO Dublin.

I’m gonna play some APAT Qualifiers and try to win another package through bwin so let’s cross our fingers and hopefully we can make it happen! I’m not really an online player so maybe that isn’t the best way to go but the online qualifiers are really soft so maybe I have a chance, tonight is the second qualifier (missed the first one) so the objective is to qualify and win the event afterwards!

My first live events that is coming up is the Progressive Bounty in Pokahnights on wednesday, one of the biggest clubs here in Belgium with some decent players. I like playing in pokahnights¬†because of the atmosphere and a lot of my friends are there. Structures aren’t that great but you can’t have everything! My expectations are to play some decent poker and to not make too many mistakes because its been awhile since i played

I’m going to try and play some more events in the next couple of weeks and i’m going to keep everybody here posted about the progress to the IPO in Dublin! Thanks for reading and hopefully I see you in Dublin!

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