Road to the IPO : Detour and Bumps

This series didn’t go as planned, There were a few bumps in the road because i have been sick for 2 weeks and went on a little detour to Spiel in Essen, Germany. But i’m back with a short update !

The objective was to play more tournaments online and challenge myself to get back into shape but because I got sick that didn’t happen. I’ve played one live poker tournament and didn’t play any tournaments online.

The only live tournament I played was a bounty tournament where I was pretty pleased with how i played. Reads were correct, got some nice bluffs through at certain spots and just played correctly i think. Went home with a small profit but that’s more than enough because the objective is to get a good feeling. With a bit more luck in certain spots i probably could win but that’s just poker. I’m still going to try and play some tournaments before Dublin because i’m still not confident enough in my abilities to go and play such a event without any preparations. Hopefully this was the only bump in the road and i can still get some tournament experience under my belt before I go to Dublin.

Apart from being sick, I did have a little detour to Essen in Germany. Spiel is the biggest board game fair in the world and it was my second year i went to the fair but it was a bit different this year than other years. We didn’t go just to walk around for 4 days but we also were part of the demo team for Scuba, a board game developed by a friend. Like every year there were a lot of people, 174.000 players went over the course of 4 days so that’s just huge! I did get sick the 3rd day and spend a day in bed sleeping so hopefully i can stay healthy for the rest of the upcoming weeks.

Poker isn’t the only thing i’m going to do in Dublin because i’m the delegation leader for a lot of APAT Belgium players there so i have to prepare some of the documents so that players can play in Dublin. Besides the organizing stuff and playing Dublin is a place where i finally let off some steam and again be with the people that do like and love me for who i am… No let downs, no rejections, just fun, drinks and poker 😀

I really miss all my english friends and hope to see you all in Dublin!!

11 days left….. #excited

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