Road to the IPO Dublin – Departure

I’m writing this on the airplane while we are waiting to leave for Dublin and part of it in the sky.

It’s only the second time in my life I’m flying so I’m a bit nervous… First time with Ryanair as well and can’t really complain, okay you don’t have much space but personally I don’t need it and just my hand luggage is more than enough for this trip.

This is my first big buyin event and its not even in Belgium. Norman Chad would say: I’m stoked!!! Poker is more than just a hobby, it kept me alive in the hard times I used to have. So doing this is a dream coming true! And I’m pretty curious how I’m going to do in such a player field and with that kind of buyin.

We are going with a big bunch of players in already know and here on the plane I’ve seen some more familiar faces. It makes me more confident about my abilities because these are players I’m used to and it’s a level I know I can beat.

I’m playing the main event tomorrow and today is more about getting comfortable and well rested.┬áNormally I’m not going to play any other events because I’m winning the main but if I get super unlucky and bust the main, I’m going to play the APAT Main event and maybe a small event if there is time.

I’m going to try and blog daily and share some pictures !

Bye Belgium and wish me luck ! !

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